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Demand Draft

It is an instrument issued by MTBUK, drawn on a MTB branch favoring a beneficiary in Bangladesh in BDT/GBP/USD/Euro Currency and handed over to the customer over the counter. 

Mail Transfer:

It is a bank transfer where MTBUK prints the draft and couriers the same to the beneficiary bank for crediting to the customer's bank account.

Electronic Fund Transfer:

It is an instruction given by MTBUK to its correspondent bank in Bangladesh by way of a Straight Through Process (STP) established with the correspondent bank or to any other bank using SWIFT connectivity to credit the beneficiaries account as requested by the customer in the requested currency.

Multi currency Fund Transfer:

MTB Exchange does multi-currency transfers to Bangladesh.

MTBUK has extensive facilities to transfer funds to all major destinations in Bangladesh. Funds can either be paid in the destination country’s local currency, or in US Dollars.

Types of Funds Transfer:

    Credit Account on Direct Credit Basis - DC
    Bank to Bank Transfer - BTB
    Door to Door payment cheque -DCQ
    Advise and Pay on application & Identification - A&P

Instant Money Transfer:

Imagine your remittance reaching the beneficiary before you read these lines. Need to face a medical emergency, meet the deadline for a tuition fee remittance or assist a tourist stranded in a foreign country? Use our instant money remittance options for immediate funds transfer.

Instant Money Transfer Products:

    Money Gram
    Xpress Money
    MTB Bangla Remit

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