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NRB Deposit Pension Scheme (NRB DPS)
NRB DPS is a monthly installment base savings deposit product in Bangladeshi Taka for individuals. It is specially designed for NRBs and their nominated beneficiaries.

Features and Benefits:

   NRB Deposit Pension Scheme is a new deposit product for NRBs as well as new concept since there is no separate or any pension scheme for the NRBs
   Installment slab: 500/-, 1000/-, 2000/-, 5000/- and can be multiple of 500/-
   Monthly installment will be deposited automatically from NRB savings account.
   Highest interest rate than other deposit products. For present interest rate, please click on Rate
   Loan facilities up to 80% of the deposit amount. Minimum loan amount will not be less than BDT 25,000/-.
   Early encashment facility
   Maturity: Period option 3, 5, 8, 10 years

Apply Eligibility:

   Only NRBs (Non Resident Bangladeshi) may open this account in their own name or the name of the beneficiaries.
   A linked NRB Savings account is also need to be opened.
   More than one account can be opened by the same depositor at the same branch.

Required Documents:

   Bank prescribed application form
   Three passport size photographs of the applicant (Attested by the NRB)
   Copy of Passport, work permit and salary certificate of NRB
   Copy of Valid Photo ID of the applicant.
   Nominees photograph (One Passport size Photograph for each nominee.

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